Founded in Germany by Heinz Hankammer.
First product: filters for demineralization of water.


First water filter pitcher for domestic use.


First professional water filter for commercial use.
Start of international distribution.


BRITA has become synonymous with water filters in Germany
("German Standards", Arcum Publishers, Cologne 1987, www.arcum.de ).


BRITA starts its art promotion programme.


BRITA receives an award from the Hessian Ministry for Women, Work and
Social Welfare for being a "company that promotes women"

Introduction of the first recycling programme for filter cartridges.


Start of Soda-Club soda maker distribution in Germany.


The second generation - Markus Hankammer - joins the General Management.
BRITA is elected "Hidden Champion" i.e. unknown high performing company
with world brand leadership (Prof. Herrman Simon, Hidden Champion ",
Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA 1996, http://www.hbsp.com).


Heinz Hankammer is the first German to receive the award
"International Entrepreneur of the Year" from the
American Housewares Club of New England.

Introduction of first water purifier Waterguard in India.


BRITA becomes South African standard for water filters


BRITA forms the Supervisory Board with Heinz Hankammer
as chairman, Markus Hankammer becomes CEO of the BRITA Group.


Sale of the complete North American business to the Clorox company in California.


Worldwide innovation: BRITA launches the very first kettle with integrated
water filter in Great Britain and later on in other countries.

Introduction of the BRITA On Tap in France and later on in other countries.


Sale of the Soda Club Distribution business in Germany.
BRITA wins the award of being one of the Top 50 Brands in the whole UK market.


Start of "BRITA Integrated Solutions" (New business idea to expand the
application area of the BRITA cartridges also to other home appliances).

Opening of the most modern production facility for household filter cartridges
in Bicester (UK) close to Oxford by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne.

BRITA has been awarded to the Sunday Times Top 50 Best Small & Medium
Companies To Work For list 2004 in the UK.


BRITA Integrated Solutions has established partnerships with numerous
cooperations to produce kettles, coffee and espresso machines.

Launch of the new cartridge generation MAXTRA and the water filter jugs
Elemaris, Marella and Liquelli (for the Japanese market).

BRITA GmbH is awarded the TOP JOB seal of approval for its modern,
future-oriented personnel management


40 years of BRITA water filters. BRITA GmbH is celebrating its 40th anniversary.
Introduction of the new INTENZA filter cartridge for BRITA Integrated
Solutions applications.

Introduction of a filter cartridge that is integrated directly into taps
(in cooperation with Pegler, initially in the UK).


Start of a long-term cooperation with UNICEF
Introduction of glass water filter jug edition
BRITA GmbH has implemented SAP
Opening of the soccer stadium BRITA Arena in Wiesbaden


Establishment of two subsidiaries on the North American market:
MAVEA LLC (USA) and MAVEA Canada Inc. (Canada)

BRITA GmbH acquires additional company site in Taunusstein
Introduction of space-saving water filter jug Navelia (recipient of
the Japanese "Good Design Award")

In the Professional sector: re-launch and extension of the
PURITY product range and launch of the new filter cartridge range PURITY C


Successful certification in accordance with quality management standard
DIN EN ISO 9001 for BRITA GmbH

Referencing the new company headquarters in Taunusstein:
“BRITA Campus” shows a clear commitment to the region and to the
company’s future-orientation.

The launch of the PURITY C1000AC: an activated carbon filter for soft water
areas manufactured by BRITA for use in the hospitality and vending sectors

The Navelia jug water filter wins the 2009 red dot award


The jug water filter (a BRITA invention) celebrates its 40th anniversary
Establishment of enviva GmbH, a new wholly owned BRITA subsidiary,
and thus acquisition of the rights to manufacture and sell enviva point-of-use
water dispensers; the same year enviva receives the red dot award

Providing active support for climate protection: BRITA relies exclusively on
hydroelectric power throughout its Taunusstein facilities,

Launch of the under-the-sink water filter BRITA “On Line” for even more
convenient water filtration: a source of filtered water directly at the kitchen sink


BRITA GmbH acquired a majority stake in IONOX Wasser-Technologie GmbH,
which is active in the pressurized water dispensers segment

Launch of the BRITA yource: an electrical household
Successful certification of BRITA GmbH and BRITA Professional GmbH & Co. KG
in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, the Environmental
Management and the Occupational Health and Safety Management standards

Company founder Heinz Hankammer celebrated his 80th birthday


From a pear tree to market leadership

The creation and successful filling of a market niche using a household device - that is the life's work of the German entrepreneur Heinz Hankammer.

BritaIn 1966, he had the far-sighted vision of optimising normal tap water with the simplest means possible and developed a filter for producing completely desalinated water, as pure as distilled water. BRITA, his daughter's name, was chosen as that for the company.


The whole family helped Heinz Hankammer set up his small business, the first production being accomplished under a pear tree in the family's garden. What started as a one-man operation soon developed rapidly into a modern, medium-sized company that increasingly expanded into international markets with above-average growth rates.

Complete BRITA history

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