The BRITA philosophy

Stay healthy with water
Water is essential for your health and wellbeing. How much water you should drink, how to save water and other information on this magic substance in our section: about water.

The BRITA philosophy

For more than 40 years BRITA has been involved in the filtration of water and has devoted itself to the future of this essential resource.

As international market leader in the product category of water filter jugs we focus on our vision: Our vision is a world where drinking water of the highest quality is always available to everyone.

Our contribution: We offer innovative products and solutions that enable people to experience the best possible drinking water according to their individual needs.


Daily dealings are therefore characterized by our principles:

  • Management is synonymous with setting an example.
  • Clearly defined and attainable objectives produce latitude.
  • We understand each other.
  • Globalism is our opportunity and future.
  • We offer encouragement and challenges to our employees.
  • We assess and reward performance.
  • Lifelong learning.