The heart of any BRITA filter system is the highest quality water filter cartridge

The water filter cartridge reduces a number of unwanted substances in the tap water such as limescale, chlorine, lead, copper, if present. To achieve consistently high quality, the filter cartridges should be replaced regularly every four weeks. BRITA manufacturers four types of water filter cartridge:

Note: We only have the Maxtra cartridge in the Thai market. Therefore we recommend not to refer to any other cartridges, particularly since there are no further explanations. We would prefer some more details about the Maxtra cartridges and / or a link to the site with the Maxtra benefits.

The advantages of the MAXTRA technology are the innovative combination of the natural MicroporeFilter and the effective ProtectFilter, which ensures excellent results from your filter system.

The latest cartridge generation with MAXTRA filtration technology.
600.00 THB
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