BRITA : fill&enjoy fun

BRITA fill&enjoy Fun : enjoy fresh, great-tasting filtered water without having to transport big, bulky bottles into your home. Its smaller format makes it is ideal for singles and couples. Plus, the embedded cup icons let you precisely measure one or two cups of water.


BRITA water jugs optimise your drinking water with their unique BRITA filter system

BRITA water jugs are ideal for optimising the quality of the drinking water in your own home. BRITA filter cartridges used with our jug systems reduce limescale, chlorine and impurities in our tap water. BRITA filter jugs are available in six different models, which are all based on the proven BRITA principle. Using a BRITA filter for your tap water allows the full aroma and flavour of hot drinks and foodstuffs to fully develop. In addition, BRITA filtered water also prolongs the life of your domestic appliances by reducing limescale build up.


The heart of any BRITA filter system is the highest quality water filter cartridge

The water filter cartridge enables the presence of limescale, chlorine and impurities to be reduced from our tap water. To achieve consistently high quality, the filter cartridges should be replaced regularly every four weeks. BRITA manufacturers four types of water filter cartridge:

The advantages of the MAXTRA technology are the innovative combination of the natural MicroporeFilter and the effective ProtectFilter, which ensures excellent results from your filter system.


BRITA - a trademark for quality and wellbeing

บริต้า เทคโนโลยีOver the last 40 years, the BRITA name has become synonymous worldwide with competence, know-how and passion in the field of optimizing drinking water.

Founded in 1966, BRITA is considered to be the inventor of the water filter jug and a specialist for limescale reduction. Today, the family company develops, produces and sells drinking water filters for private use as well as innovative solutions for professional water filtration. The range of filter types may differ from country to country.

People in more than 60 countries throughout the world use and trust BRITA optimized water. Decades of experience, intensive research, a commitment to quality and a desire for maximum performance all mean that today BRITA is a leader in technology and quality.