With BRITA optimized water your hot and cold drinks become a true delight!

คุณประโยชน์ britaAn aromatic cup of your favorite tea or coffee is an experience for all the senses. But for complete enjoyment it is not just the quality of the initial products that play a key role. Only when you use the right water your hot or cold drinks and food will become a true delight.

  • BRITA filter-systems reduce undesired substances

The BRITA water filter cartridges reduce the limescale content of the water. It also reduces other substances that affect taste such as chlorine. The result: cold water becomes even more refreshing and enjoyable. Whereas, the natural aromas in tea and coffee can develop far better during brewing. Tea has a clear shimmer to it and shows no more ugly scum. Food prepared with filtered water can develop its full flavour.

  • Reliable machine protection

BRITA optimized water with less limescale will also protect your domestic appliances. The appliance does not scale up as quickly. This means it has a longer life and enables fast boiling on a long-term basis with consistently low energy consumption.

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